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The Aquatic Solutions Conference

A conference on electrical actuated underwater applications.

The Aquatic Solutions Conference (ASC) is an international, independent conference dedicated to advance the professional and scientific understanding of underwater solutions, focusing on electrical actuated units. By providing an independent platform, the ASC is able to generate a strong network where science and practice meet, to find real solutions for real challenges.


“It was nice to have such diverse topics and audience, in this way, we were able to have some great discussions with new insights and ideas as well.”

“It was a good conference, high level speakers and topics and it broadened my network as well. It was both interesting and useful!”

„I appreciate the ASC as a young, small and thematic conference.”

“As with bigger and established conferences the main reason to participate is to meet other experts of the industry. That make it easier and more efficient to understand the content of the speeches by discussing it with them."